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Washing Procedure

1. Vehicle will be spot washed to soak all hard to get at places before entering our wash bay.

2.  Vehicle is driven into the wash bay at walking pace through our soaping arches where it will be sprayed with up to 5 different environmentally safe European designed chemicals, to suit your vehicle’s finish, whether it be painted, canvas sided or polished metal, this selection is made by the driver/operator at payment or is predetermined through your RFID selection for that vehicle

3. The vehicle will pass through a series of very fine poly bristled brushes to agitate the chemicals and start the dirt removal process then travel along the wash bay to allow a dwell time for the detergents to react with the dirt and grime.

4. Our totally new hydro technology spraying system installed on a rolling gantry will pass over your whole unit twice from the front to the back and to the front again removing road grime and dirt from all surfaces of the vehicle.

5. The gantry is fitted with  112 spray nozzles emitting an amazing 2500 litres of clean recycled water, under pressure, every minute plus 2 specially designed and patented spinner nozzles that together will clean all surfaces of the unit including the body, wheels, exhaust stacks, roof material, chassis rails and glass

6. After the pressure wash the vehicle is driven out of the wash bay whilst passing through a rinse arch of 55 spray nozzles applying fully softened fresh water to completely rinse off the washed surfaces.

Brisbane Express Truck Wash at Nudgee is 20 times faster and a fully automatic wash, from a 2 tonne van through to B-Double configurations, cranes and other machinery in 12 to 15 minutess. No booking and No Queues as we can wash fully loaded carriers with driver inside the vehicle. Our wash will cater for most vehicles and has inter clean technology. Fleet accounts are available. Gateway Express Truck Wash is located behind Shell at Nudgee Service Centre off Exit 112 on the Gateway Motorway.

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