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Customer Benefits

Fleet Account

Another added benefit would be a Fleet Account where the type of vehicle and selected wash is already in our computer log and is driven straight into the wash bypassing the selection and paying process

No Waiting

There is no need to book your unit in for a wash all that is needed is to turn up to the entrance of the wash and you will be cleaned next in line


Detailed Invoicing

Fleet runners would then have the time, date and registration of the vehicle noted on the invoice for reference in Quality Assurance Auditing and have documented support of any obligations required under customers contractual arrangements for cleanliness of your fleet

Vehicle Location

Have the added benefit of knowing where your driver and truck was at a certain the time whilst it is at the wash facility

Quick Turn Arounds

If there is a vehicle turn around that unit can be washed and changed over in a matter of minutes. No need to drop of trailers or vehicles and having to come back and pick them up hours later or even the next day

Fuel Available

Your loaded vehicle can stop and fuel up, go through our Express Truck Wash all at the same location and be on the way within minutes

No Cash or Cards

Charge account facility means that your drivers do not need to carry cards or cash for payment at our wash

Remain in the Vehicle

Your vehicle and load is safe and secure at all times as the driver has no need to leave his cabin at any time whilst at or in the wash, the total procedure is carried out whilst he remains seated in the vehicle

Brisbane Express Truck Wash at Nudgee is 20 times faster and a fully automatic wash, from a 2 tonne van through to B-Double configurations, cranes and other machinery in 12 to 15 minutess. No booking and No Queues as we can wash fully loaded carriers with driver inside the vehicle. Our wash will cater for most vehicles and has inter clean technology. Fleet accounts are available. Gateway Express Truck Wash is located behind Shell at Nudgee Service Centre off Exit 112 on the Gateway Motorway.

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